Galileo FS120DX 1000 x 120mm Newtonian Reflector Telescope

Galileo FS120DX 1000 x 120mm Newtonian Reflector TelescopeThe Galileo FS120DX 1000 x 120mm is a fun and easy-to-use Newtonian reflecting telescope. The FS120DX is not only packed with features that translate easily for the beginner’s use, but its range and viewing potential will more than satisfy the more sophisticated user. In addition to the telescope itself, super glide mount, two eyepieces, tripod, 3 X 3 element Barlow lens, and adjustable tube clamp, the FS120DX also comes with an accessory tray, CD-Rom with instructions and a limited one-year manufacturer’s warranty.

The Galileo FS120DX’s user-friendly super glide mount and slow-motion controls make it accessible even for the novice. With its preassembled tripod, it is simple and quick to set up. The telescope comes already attached to the mount, so all you have to do is fasten it to the tripod. This ease of use makes this system very portable. The FS120DX comes with two zoom eyepieces that change power levels, so you don’t always have to change eyepieces to get a different look.

However, what makes the FS120DX so amazing is its unique balance of light and power with its 1000 mm focal length and 120 mm primary mirror. With this perfect combination, you can really see the night sky with incredible clarity. There are no blurry images here—everything is crisp and clear. This feature really makes for some marvellous viewing.

The FS120DX also comes with another handy feature: its red-dot finderscope. For the beginner, it takes a little patience to figure out how to use it, but with technical support both from the CD-Rom and Galileo’s website, you will be able to track objects in the night sky to locate and pinpoint whatever planets and stars you are interested in viewing. This puts an end to so much of the frustration that can occur when you are trying to reconcile what’s on a star map with what you are actually looking at.

Coming out of the box, this sleek and sophisticating telescope may seem like more than you can handle, but you will be surprised at how easy it is to set up and use. And once you’re out there using it, you will be astounded by what you see.

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