During the act of sex, right before climax, what is on your mind? Do you think about the emotions that you feel for the person? The answer is, “No.”


The mind goes blank

When you are building up towards an orgasm, your body responds to the touching by moving. The excitement and pleasure make you move your hips to gain more satisfaction by pumping. You bang away to get to that level of the explosion. When you get an orgasm, your mind goes blank. The physical response that we have to that moment of climax takes over the body. It surges and is encompassing.

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The spark

Before you have sex with a person, there has to be an attraction. This spark is the thing that’ll ignite the fire of passion for that sex dating session to start. The person will attract you because of their physical appearance or because of the feelings that you have developed.

In the mood

However, when you are in the mood for sex, there are times that you don’t need to be too picky about your playmate. Rather than settle for jacking off or other styles of masturbation, such as with a sex doll,  you’d want a real live person. The touch of a human being is irreplaceable as there is warmth, and the movements are unexpected, unlike when using a mechanical dildo.

A sex toy

Sex toys are commonly used to add pleasure to the experience. When using a toy, it makes getting those mind-blowing orgasm with or without a partner possible. Some toys can be used to penetrate the vagina and those for anal sex.  When you use a sex toy,  you don’t need to feel love towards the gadget.

About commitment

Commitment has its advantages and disadvantages. To have sex within the bonds of marriage is the traditionally accepted norm. Yet, it is also acceptable to have sex with a live-in partner or a boyfriend/girlfriend. The standards of society try to dictate the actions so that there will be a semblance of control. If sex were free for all, it would create a lot of trouble, especially for those who want a faithful partner, so marriage became a contract.

A contract on love

You cannot put a contract on love because it varies. A marriage contract was created to stipulate the actions of the couple, and to add the items such as their belongings. The marriage vows include that of faithfulness. When you think about it, people do spend their lives together, but many do not. They cheat on the marriage contract, and when that happens, the other party might forgive them, or they separate.

Let’s get physical

Having sex is a physical thing. There is no need for one to feel emotions, such as love. There is no need to commit to someone, as that might be the norm of society. Of course, human relationships are typically a one-on-one thing. A lot of people guard their partner so no one else will have sex with them. The ‘possessive’ part of the relationship makes a person become a jealous lover. Many married who want to cheat download adult dating apps to get casual sex.